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With high school career done, Franklin QB Vernon Brown III looks forward to the next level

Updated: Aug 19

While starting at quarterback for Franklin High School, Vernon Brown III made a name for himself. In two season, Brown led the Indians to two 3A Maryland Regional Championships and one 3A Maryland State Championship.

In 2018, Brown helped Franklin win their first state championship since 2014. In that season, he completed 131 passes for 1,805 yards and 18 touchdowns with a QB rating of 81.7. Brown also had one rushing touchdown.

Him and his teammates have valued representing Franklin football the right way on and off the field.

"We have to set a good example for the underclassmen and the middle school boys who want to come to Franklin and play football, so we have to lead by example," Brown said.

This season, Brown improved in almost every statistic. He completed 118 passes for 2,018 passing yards and 29 touchdowns with a QB rating was 110.7. Brown also had 3 rushing touchdowns.

In four years at the school, Brown enjoyed his career at Franklin. While playing a tough schedule, he succeeded and knew that the tough opponents he was playing against only mde him better.

"The program is amazing," Brown said. "It’s like a brotherhood and a right bond you build up. The competition is good and playing against tough opponents in the regular season gets us ready for the playoffs teams."

Brown's final high school game was against Demascus in the Maryland 3A Regional Championship. Demascus is one of the top teams in the state of Maryland and has a few players who are nationally ranked, but who he is playing doesn't matter to Brown. In the game, he completed 15 passes for 204 yards and one touchdown pass. Franklin went on to lose the game 30-13.

"It was crazy because I didn’t know that would be my last high school game," he said. "But we always play up to our competition when we’re on the field. All those big names and stars mean nothing, we just play Franklin football."

Playing quarterback is a tough position because QBs are always in charge of everyone on the field and are usually responsible for everything that happens. Brown loves that and knows playing this position does not come easy.

"It’s a blessing," Brown said when asked what it was like playing quarterback. "It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be and take the responsibility of being the man in charge."

Brown has not yet set a commitment date, but said it would be sometime soon. Next season, he will look to continue his success at the collegiate level.


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