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Interview with four-star outside linebacker Moses Walker

Updated: Apr 12

As a sophomore in high school, Moses Walker already has offers from 10+ power conference schools. Walker still has two years of high school football ahead of him which means his recruitment is wide open.

On 247sports, Walker is the number one ranked player in New York. He currently attends Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York and helped lead them to a Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) City Championship this past season.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound outside linebacker is a quick, aggressive, and strong player. He still has a lot of time to develop. By his senior year, he as the potential to jump in the rankings to top-25 in the nation.

I talked with Walker on Monday about his recruitment, being the number one ranked player in New York, and more.

Q: You’re currently the number one ranked player in New York on 247sportz. What does that mean to you?

A: "It makes me feel good because my work is paying off but it’s telling me don’t get too comfortable because number can always be replaced just like the boy before me."

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player?

A: "I will describe myself as a person that’s not going to be subtle at being mediocre."

Q: What is something people should know about Moses Walker?

A: "I’m going to go get it until I get paid for playing the game that I love."

Q: What would you say your biggest strength is as a player?

A: "Being a dog on the field, not stopping into I hear that second whistle."

Q: Growing up, what was a dream school for you?

A: "I never had a dream school, just go to a school that loves me and that’s good academically."

Q: What schools have been recruiting you?

A: "Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Miami, LSU, Nebraska, West Virginia, William & Mary, Maryland, Louisville, Penn State, South Carolina, Ohio State, Arizona State, Notre Dame, and Arkansas"

Q: Which schools that are recruiting you have impressed you the most?

A: "All of them to be honest because it’s a blessing to just have one."

Q: What schools on that list are you planning on visiting?

A: "As of right now I’m planning on going to Texas A&M and LSU"

Q: Has the coronavirus had an impact on any camps or college visits you were planning on taking?

A: "Yeah it did because the college’s that I’m planning on going to, I was supposed to go on them 3 weeks ago, so yeah it was a big impact."

Q: Who is a player that you would say you pattern your game after?

A: "I don’t have a player pattern. I just always looked at Ray Lewis. Like to this day when I look at his highlights I get chills every time."

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