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Oklahoma State Guard Isaac Likekele Talks Team USA Training Camp Experience and Freshman Season

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Oklahoma State guard Isaac Likekele was given the opportunity to try out for the USA Men’s U19 World Cup Team. Likekele has been taking advantage of every opportunity he gets.

“It really means a lot,” Likekele said when asked what it's like to be playing for a chance to represent his country. “I haven’t really been apart of anything like this. This is really the second camp of my life. Other than this I’ve only been to one other camp. I really feel blessed and humble to be here. And it’s all Glory to God.”

Likekele is a 6’4 guard, who has really stood out to be one of the main leaders on the court.

“I'm used to it,” Likekele said. “I feel like Im a God given natural born leader everywhere I go. Anyway I can just impact and help the team and lead that’s what I try to do.”

Likekele has showed his skills off well at camp. He has showed he can get to the basket and finish with ease. He has also showed off his passing skills.

Having already played one year of college, Likekele is one of the more experienced players out there and has used that to an advantage.

“It has helped me big time. These are great players but you know having that college experience it really helps me think the game further than they can,” Likekele said. “Not saying that they don’t think the game good but I just have a little more experience and thought to the game. I’m just out here enjoying myself.”

With Oklahoma State, as a freshman, Likekele averaged 8.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.9 assists in 28.9 minutes per game. He started all 32 games for the Cowboys.

Heading into his sophomore season at Oklahoma State, Likekele will use the Team USA experience big time.

“It’s a big confidence booster,” Likekele said. “I really feel as if being surrounded by such a great staff and other great players will definitely help me elevate my game and just being able to come out here and get this knowledge to just add to the college experience I already have.”

Garrett Ellwood/USA Basketball

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