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Northern Illinois guard Eugene German leads Huskies to first MAC regular season title since 2005-06

Updated: Apr 9

This season, guard Eugene German averaged 20.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. Following regular season conference play, German was named First Team All-MAC.

"It meant a lot, I felt I’ve been a First Team All-MAC player since my sophomore year," German said. "I put in the work and bust my but everyday I feel like I deserve it."

He was also named NABC First Team All-District 14 and to the Lou Henson All-American Team.

"It’s big time, really a blessing I put the hours in so I knew it was coming," German said when asked what it meant to be named NABC First Team All-District 14.

The Huskies were the number four seed heading into the MAC Tournament. Northern Illinois had a serious shot at competing to play in the NCAA Tournament. However, the Huskies opportunity was cut short after the MAC Tournament and NCAA Tournament were canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

"It was sick man, very disturbing because I had no say," German said about the remainder of his season being canceled due to the coronavirus. "My guys and I were locked in, I see we wanted to make the push it was our time, but it hurts man bad it still do."

German has been playing a lot for the Huskies since his sophomore season. In his sophomore season he averaged 31.0 minutes and 20.6 points per game. As a junior, he averaged 32.6 minutes and 20.4 points per game.

"It helped a lot I’ve always been ready for the moment and was always ready to take things over. As a senior I just I knew when it was time to take over and when not too."

German finished his career as Northern Illinois' all-time leading scorer. Finishing atop that list means a ton to German.

"It means a lot man I worked hard everyday since I step on NIU campus," German said. "With the minutes I was getting my freshman year I didn’t even know I can even accomplish it. The accomplishment I’m more impressed with is becoming NIU #1 3 pointers made because people used to say I can’t shoot."

Now that German is done with college, he will look forward to playing professional basketball.

"What’s next for me is being a pro," German said. "I’m definitely going to play pro basketball. Whether it’s the NBA or somewhere else I’m going to make good money for my family and I."

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