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Nick Pennisi is giving football prospects a chance to showcase their talents amid coronavirus

Throughout the past few months, with the global pandemic, it’s been difficult for high school athletes to display and showcase their talents to colleges.

Coach Nick Pennisi has been doing everything he can to give these athletes the ability to show college coaches what they can do. Pennisi is the owner/director of Playmaker Source (PSR).

“It really means the world to me,” Pennisi said when asked what it meant to give these kids an opportunity to showcase their talents. “I live for this and I know they live for this too. They are competitors and want, need the chance to put their skill set on display. With all the positive feedback, I know we are doing right by these athletes. By giving them an opportunity we are also giving colleges an opportunity to continue to evaluate athletes. It’s a win win.”

The players who attend these combines are appreciative for this opportunity as well. I spoke with four-star linebacker Moses Walker about what it means to him for Pennisi to be giving guys opportunity.

"It meant a lot because there’s not a lot of people out there that will take time out just to help a kid get recognized and to get a step closer to their dream," Walker said.

Walker is the number one ranked player in New York. He currently holds offers from LSU, Maryland, Miami, Louisville, and much more.

In a normal year, it wouldn't have even been a thought on if these camps were allowed and who could compete. However, this year with the coronavirus, its been quite different.

"With most camps it really comes down to the board of education and host school," Pennisi said. "Usually there is a limit to how many athletes can participate so telling hundreds of athletes they cannot attend due to those restrictions is frustrating. We are always prepared in terms of protocol. A few head coaches also do not want their athletes attending any outside event so it’s understandable. To be honest most of the difficulties have come from the rain."

Pennisi felt that this past weekends camp in New Jersey had the most talent of any of his camps this year.

"The Jackson, NJ camp was by far the most talent filled camp we have had this year," he said. "That is due to more athletes understanding the value of a free exposure camp with verified testing and film. You can’t beat it. We had some new features in terms of really isolating the athletes on the field in terms of getting their workout on film. It’s a game changer for everyone."

There have been a ton of future major division one football players who have performed in these camps.

Here are some of the prospects who have impressed Pennisi the most from the past camp.

James Bivins WR Donovan Catholic - "Anyone who runs a 4.5 laser time 40 deserves recognition. That is fast."

Sam Martin ATH Curtis - "Obviously he stands out but to see him want every rep when guys called him out and the show he put on as a receiver is very impressive for a guy who you think you know everything about."

Moses Walker LB Erasmus - "I see the offers and media attention but to see how he positions himself to make plays against the run and his speed against receivers, he’s verified."

Nyair Graham LB Camden - "Just like Moses, this guy is fast for the position. Smaller frame but He attacked without hesitation, had make up speed to seal the edges and double moves in the pass game. Guy needs to be ranked higher than he is."

Jorden and Jayden McDonald Twins Salem - "When these guys walked in to check in, they are what D1 FBS football players look like. Prototypes.

They played DB but I see them as LBs at the next level."

Ah-Shaun Davis QB Willingboro - "Another guy who needs some more attention. Good size and was extremely accurate with every throw."

Jayon Farrar WR Long Branch, Najih Rahman WR Saint Joseph - "Some of the best route runners and they catch everything."

Vinny Cajano QB Erasmus - "Young QB but has a D1 arm. Check the film from the day he has a cannon."

"There are a lot of guys that aren’t currently getting the D1 attention that I'd like to highlight if we have time for the next interview. They are great prospects."

Follow Nick Pennisi on Twitter (@scoutnickp) and check out his website (www.playmakersource.com)

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