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Interview with Richmond guard Blake Francis

Following a memorable season, redshirt junior guard Blake Francis entered his name into the NBA Draft pool, while maintaining eligibility for next season.

Francis averaged 17.7 points, 2.2 rebounds, and two assists per game this season. He was named Second Team All-Atlantic 10 and Second Team NABC All-District 4.

This season, the Spider’s finished with a 24-7 record and headed into the A-10 Tournament with a two seed. The Spider’s were a bubble team who had a shot at getting into the NCAA Tournament.

Prior to Richmond, Francis attended Wagner for two seasons. As a sophomor, Francis averaged 17.3 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. He was named Second Team All-NEC. Following the season, Francis announced he would be transferring.

I spoke with Francis on Wednesday about declaring for the draft, his college career, and more.

Q: What is something that NBA teams should know about Blake Francis?

A: “I’m a player that’s going to come in and compete and work hard everyday and I play to win.”

Q: Growing up, what was your favorite NBA team?

A: “My favorite NBA team growing up was usually wherever Allen Iverson or Lebron James was playing so pretty much all of the teams they have played for.”

Q: Who do you think is the greatest basketball player of all-time is?

A: “Michael Jordan, but Lebron James is right there with him.”

Q: After your second year at Wagner, you transferred to Richmond. How was transferring to Richmond beneficial for you as a player?

A: “It was beneficial for me because I got to play against higher level competition and also I was closer to home which was a reason why I decided to go to Richmond.”

Q: This season you guys had a good chance at making the NCAA Tournament. As a player, what was it like having the season cut short due to the Coronavirus?

A: “As a player it’s tough for the season to end like it did, but I know everyone understands the situation we are in.”

Q: What was your favorite moment during your career at Richmond?

A: “Favorite moment at Richmond was when we beat Wisconsin in New York at the Legends Classic."

Q: Who would you say the best player that you have guarded in college is?

A: “Grant Riller from Charleston.”

Q: Against Saint Louis, you fractured your sternum while diving after a ball. After missing just six games, you returned to play. What was it like rehabbing that injury?

A: “It was tough but injuries are a part of the game, but staying positive and rehab serious is what got me back on the court.”

Q: The A10 was by far one of the best mid-major conferences this season. What was it like for you being named Second Team All-A10 and the A10’s fourth leading scorer?

A: “It’s something that I’m proud of for sure, I always have high expectations for myself so to be able to accomplish that was cool.”

Q: With everything being shutdown due to the coronavirus, how have you been planning on displaying your skill and talking to NBA teams and scouts?

A: “Just being able to receive feedback from teams and getting information on what I need to improve on in order to become a better player for the NBA.”

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