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Interview with Eastern Michigan wide receiver Quian Williams

Updated: Aug 19

From his redshirt freshman season to his redshirt sophomore season, Eastern Michigan’s Quian Williams made a huge jump.

In his redshirt freshman season, Williams played in four games and had no receptions. As a redshirt sophomore, Williams had 52 receptions for 661 yards and six touchdowns. In the Quick Lane Bowl against Pittsburgh, he had two catches for 68 yards and a touchdown.

Williams is ranked as one of the top wide receivers in the country heading into the 2020-21 season on Pro Football Focus.

I spoke with Williams on Friday about his college career and his expectations heading into next year.

Q: From your redshirt-freshman year to your redshirt-sophomore year, your stats improved a ton. What do you think the difference was for you?

A: “A lot of things factor in honestly but ultimately, it started with my faith in God. I stayed trusting in his plan for me, patient and humble knowing my time would come. And my everyday mentality improved. I had the mindset that the only person that could get in my way was me. After that, I saw improvements on and off the field.”

Q: Out of high school, what was the recruiting process like for you, and what made you choose Eastern Michigan?

A: “I had a nice handful of offers out of high school, so the process was really enjoyable, especially getting to go on official visits. I chose Eastern Michigan because it felt like the place that’d help me grow everyday as a man and the family environment is unmatched.”

Q: What has been your favorite moment during your Eastern Michigan career?

A: “That’s easy, when Mat Sexton blocked the punt and recovered it to score when we beat Central Connecticut State this past season.”

Q: Who do you think the best defender that has lined up in front of you in college is?

A: “There really isn’t a particular person. I play a lot of good DB’s everyday in practice and every week come game time.”

Q: Against Central Connecticut State, you caught eight passes for 115 yards and two touchdowns. What was that game like for you?

A: “That game was a blessing for everyone on the team. We did something special that game. Despite the adversity, we still found a way to get the job done. I was proud of all of us.”

Q: With everything being shutdown due to the coronavirus, what have you been doing to pass time football wise?

A: “Lifting at home or on my old high school field getting some field workouts in with some of my old teammates pretty much everyday.”

Q: In the Quick Lane Bowl, you guys lost in a very close game on a late touchdown to a tough opponent in Pittsburgh. What was that game like for you? And how have you and your teammates used that as motivation towards the upcoming season?

A: “Respect to Pitt, it was a great game to be apart of. That game brought us all closer and we’re even hungrier as a program to do everything possible to never feel the way we felt after that game."

Q: Now that Mike Glass III is gone, depending how camp goes, Preston Hutchinson has a good chance at being your starting QB heading into the 2020 season. What is your relationship like with Hutchinson?

A: “We have a pretty good relationship. We came in with each other in 2017 and over the years our relationship has gotten a lot stronger.”

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