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Catonsville Comets Start Season with Scrimmage at Home Against Surrattsville

On Friday at 4 P.M., the Catonsville Comets opened up their season with a scrimmage against the Surrattsville Hornets.

It was nice to finally be able to be out on the field coaching against other schools again for Comets head coach Jaren Maybin.

“Definitely excited to get the guys back on the field,” Maybin said. “As coaches we have been meeting and planning for this for an entire year. It’s good to finally know what we are working with for the 2019 season. Our whole coaching staff is excited to help guide our guys to a successful football season.”

For the first hour of the scrimmage, each team would get 12 offensive plays and then they switched. They would start on their own 35 yard line. If a team scored, they would go back to the 35 yard line and keep playing offense until their 12 plays were done.

The Comets started with the ball. Comets senior RB/LB Michael Bowers gave the Comets great field position with a 46 yard run. 

On the next play, Comets junior QB Jacob Diluca connected with junior WR Eldred Boria on a 24 yard pass for a touchdown.

After the Comets went back to the 35 yard line, Comets sophomore ATH Anthony Fliggins caught a 21 yard pass on which he made quite a few defenders fall.

The Comets were unable to move the ball too much the rest of the drive due to a few false start penalties.

But the Comets defense came out ready to play. They did not allow the Hornets to cross midfield. 

When the Comets got the ball back, Anthony Fliggins broke off a 14 yard run. Other than that, the Comets didn’t move the ball too much.

Surrattsville’s next drive went well for them. On the first play, the Hornets senior QB Ryan Otey connected with his WR for a 40 yard pass giving them the ball at the 20 yard line.

A few plays later, Otey connected with another WR for their first touchdown of the day.

Surrattsvile went back to the 35 yard line and started over again. After two holding penalties, the Hornets were pushed back to their own 10 yard line.

On the next play, the Hornets fumbled a snap and the Comets recovered it in the endzone for a touchdown. 

Comets RB/LB Michael Bowers and OL/DE Evan Rogers showed they could make some plays defensively. They were always right around the ball carrier.

The Comets ended up forcing another fumble which they recovered on the 12th play.

After that drive, they brought the chains out and started playing actual with actual first downs and turnovers. 

On the first play, the Comets had another false start which pushed them back five yards.

“We definitely need to work on limiting the mental mistakes,” Coach Maybin said. “We had way too many penalties today which really stems from guys overthinking or being unsure about themselves, but that will decrease with time and as guys start gaining more confidence.” 

On 2nd and 13, Comets QB Jacob Diluca connected with WR Eldred Boria for another touchdown. This one was for 65 yards.

After that touchdown, neither team scored again. Both teams were shutting the opponent down defensively.

On the Hornets final drive, the Comets forced an interception with a short return.

Although there is still a lot to work on, Coach Maybin liked what he saw from his guys.

“The thing I liked the most about today was that we had guys of all ages applying what they have learned over the past week and a half in an in-game situation,” Maybin said. “As coaches, that’s the most we can ask for, kids that are excited, learning and getting better everyday.” 

Next up for the Comets will be their first regular season game. They will play at Centennial on September 6th at 7 P.M. So the Comets will have a little bit of time to prepare for that game.

“Being 2 weeks out for us really means we need to hammer down our foundation,” Maybin said when asked what the preparations will be like. 

“We need to work on perfecting our bread and butter schemes offensively and defensively. Once we feel like we have a solid foundation, our playbook can expand dramatically, but we need to perfect the fundamentals as these next two weeks progress, then build from there.” 

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